Vortex Mixer

Product ID: MIX-KB-3

The all-new vortex mixer is suitable for short-time work (inching), and it is OK that you press the work table. And it also can convert continuous operation.


1.         The speed regulation range is broad, which is a stepless speed regulation.

2.         Two kinds of standard gaskets can be chosen freely and application range is wide.

3.         It has an ABS engineering plastic shell, with no spraying of paints, beautiful and durable; cast iron base is solid and reliable.

4.         It has various function of compact design, inching, continuity and speed regulation.

5.         The foot-mat of the silica gel base is super shockproof.

6.         Imported dual-channel bearing of a eccentric ball with original packing has a motor with the wind blades, with good performance of ventilation and low heating.



1.         Hybrid mode: Circumference

2.         Turnover diameter: 4nm

3.         Power: 40w

4.         Workbench size: bowl type 90mm interchange

5.         Working method: inching/continuing/timing.

6.         Regulating range: 500~2800rpm (different rotate speed depend on different gasket and negative load)

7.         Speed setting: Knob

8.         Power supply:220V/50Hz

9.         Overall dimensions: 125*135*170mm

10.     Weight:4.2  KG