Four-dimensional rotation hybrid instrument

Product ID: MIX-BE-1100

The BE -1100 four-dimensional rotation hybrid instrument has a unique design, can mix samples  a variety of sample tube and any angle of rotation. It is widely used in molecular hybridization, and blood mixed sample, the rotation speed is moderate, the four fixture located on the rotating panel can be individually adjusted, so you can can have four different ways in a mixing.
The instrument is compact, convenient, and can be easily transferred to other places. Bench, or the incubator, the shell and panel of the instrument has been specifically designed to facilitate cleaning and decontamination.
Unique adjustable rotating frame combination:
Product features:
1.A variety of rotation way from mild rotation to somersaults way.
2.Widely used in biological molecules, histochemistry, biochemistry, clinical medical and etc.
3.5 kinds of centrifugal jig , greatly meet the experimental requirements.
4.Press the rotating fixture slightly, can achieve positive and negative rotation.
5.Can be used for cold storage and incubator.

The standard accessories:
0.5ml centrifuge tube 21 Pcs * 2 (jig )
1.5ml/2m  l15 Pcs * 2 (jig )
5ml/7ml centrifuge tube 7 Pcs* 2 (jig )
10ml/15ml centrifuge tube 7 Pcs* 2 (jig )
50ml centrifuge tube 6 Pcs (jig )

Technical parameters:
Speed: 18r/min
Size : 240 * 145 * 210mm
Temperature range :4 -65℃
Power : 4Kw
Weight : 1Kg
Power: 220V 50Hz