Rotation Mixer

Product ID: MIX-WH-986

The WH-986 rotating mixer and QB-206 multipurpose rotating mixer are specially designed by our company for the experiments with high requirements of sample and reagent evenness. They may maintain the full mixing of samples and reagent as well as protect cell tissues in homogenizing. The instruments may mix, oscillate and shake many test tubes and centrifuge tubes ranging from 0.5---50ml in capacity and as well as bags membrane materials. They are also applicable to being used in low-temperature tanks and thermostanks.


Technical Information:
>Model No.WH-986
>Rotary speed:5rpm imported motor
>Operation mode: up to 360° rotating/swing
>Working size:250×100/0.5--10ml

>Voltage:AC220V±10% (50/60Hz)
>Standard configuration:0.5ml×18;1.5ml×30;5ml×12