Super Mixing

Product ID: Elf MIX-BE-3100

As a domestic initiative product. The MIX-BE-3100 desktop mixing elf is highly efficient, multifunctional, exquisite and widely used. It integrates the function of mixing and oscillation and the concept of intelligent operation (i.e:2-dimensional mixing operation). Applied to various mixing and vortex oscillating operations. It can well mix a lot of common laboratory supplies such as micro tubes. PCR plate, deep-well plate and micro titer and so on. 


3 Types of Mixing Modules

1)         Work Plates:

96-well PCR plate (skirted, semi-skirted, non-skirted)

384-well PCR plate

96-well and 384-well deep-well plate

MTP micro titer plate, micro plate

2)         Micro centrifuge Tube

0.2ml PRC tube, PCR calandria

0.5ml micro tube

1.5ml micro tube

20ml micro tube

3)         Mixing various types of tubes through cortex oscillating


Applications of the product:

The quick and controllable mixing can homogenize the experimental conditions between pore and pore, tube and tube, therefore improving the repeatability.

1)         Preparation of the PCR reaction system

2)         Cultivating precipitation of the bacteria, DNA and cells

3)         Incubation 

4)         Protein staining quantification

5)         Premixing of enzyme reaction system

6)         Oscillation and mixing of the various tubes


The standard configuration of the MIX-BE-3100 Mixing Elf includes three types of tube holders

1)         MIX-A 96* 0,2ml centrifuge tube holder. Used for 0.2ml PCR tube, PCR tube and 96-pore PCR plate (semi-skirted and non-skirted)

2)         MIX-B 24*0.5ml centrifuge tube holder

3)         MIX-C 24*1.5/0.2ml centrifuge tube holder

4)         MIX-D 8*15ml tube holder

5)         MIX-E 3*50ml tube holder

In addition, some types of plate can be mixed directly without a supporting holder.


Technical parameters:

Power supply:100-240v, 50-60Hz

Power: 45W

Dimension: 17*24*14cm

Weight: 4.5kg

Mixing frequency: 300-3.000rpm (increase 10rpm each time)

Vortex- oscillating mixing frequency: 3,500rpm

Oscillation and mixing radius:1.5mm (3mm amplitude)

Mixing lasting: 15s- 99h59min


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