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As professional supplier for testing/measuring instruments & lab facilities, LAB-KITS offers products & service for varies industries & fields like bomb calorimeter, flash point tester, sulfur analyzer, incubator, lab deep freezer/refrigerator, GC, LC, HPLC, infrared carbon & sulfur analyzer, stationary metal analyzer, drying oven, muffle furnace, microwave digestion & extraction, atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), UV-VIS spectrophotometer, ICP, water bath, hotplate, magnetic stirrer, microscope, refractometer, centrifuge, autoclave/sterilizer, TDS/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen (DO)/Salinity/Temperature/pH/moisture meter, oscilloscope, multi-meter, weighing balance, lab water purifier/purification system, lab water distiller, universal testing machine (UTM), vernier caliper, DSC, DTA, TGA and etc.


About Us

As professional supplier for testing instruments & lab facilities, LAB-KITS is dedicated to offer quality products & excellent service at very competitive prices. With its own factories in China for water purification system, coal testing facilities and other analytical instruments, LAB-KITS also offer complete service for requirements of other testing instruments, consumables, spares, and etc. The main business is not just to offer products, LAB-KITS is more focused on technical service – more than 30 engineers & technicians come from different fields will make sure every customer satisfied.


As a member of U-THERM INTERNATIONAL (H.K.) LIMITED, LAB-KITS has connections with more than 30 factories as well as the sister factories of U-THEMR group. Our main products & service are related to oil/petroleum testing instruments, coal testing instruments, and high precision analysis in quality inspection center.



1.       Engineers & technicians from varied fields are ready to answer kinds of professional questions for varies instruments & facilities; all emails/questions will be answered within 24 hours while if you need urgent service, please call us directly or mark urgent in the email title.

2.       Unless otherwise specified, all the instruments/machines sold through LAB-KITS have one year warranty; we will offer spares for free while customers are expected to pay for the delivery cost.

3.       Engineers & technicians are available to offer installation & training service for international customers while customers are expected to pay for the travelling costs like air-tickets and hotel.

4.       Free training is offered in China; customers are welcome to visit our companies for training.

5.       Life-long maintenance is provided after one year warranty for which we only charge the cost of the parts.

6.       For some instruments, free software updating service is offered online.





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E-mail: info@lab-kits.com

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