Adhesion Tester

Product ID:HW-SYD-0754

The instrument is designed and made as per EN 12274-4; ASTM D3910 and T 0754-2011 “Cohesive Force Test for Slurry Mixtures” in the Traffic Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011.  It is used to confirm the initial setting time and opening time of slurry mixtures. 


I. Main technical features

1. The instrument adopts desktop structure.  Novel design, reasonable structure and convenient to use.  

2. The structure design of the instrument, the specification size of the test apparatus, each meets the requirement of T 0754-2011 standard. 

3. Excellent production, reasonable structure, accurate and reliable test results. 


II. Main technical specifications

1. The diameter of the rubber pad: Φ28. 6mm

2. The thickness of the rubber pad :6. 4mm

3. The hardness of the rubber pad: HRC60

4. The max pressure :1Mpa

5. Circular test mode: Φ 60mm*6mm; Φ60mm*10mm

6. Torque spanner :(0-5)N•m

7. Power supply: AC 220V+10%;50Hz


III. Optional accessories

1. Balance: weigh 500g, reciprocal sensibility is less than 0. 1g

2. Bake oven :with forced draft , the temperature can be controlled in (60+3)