Ultra-quiet clean air generator

Product ID:AG-HLPT-3A/5A


Automatic drainage: no need to switch machine or man-made operation can be sustained in the operation of automatic discharge of condensate.

Ultra-clean stainless-steel gas tank and gas: gas line and gas tanks are used ultra-clean stainless steel to reduce the aging while protecting gas purity.

HLAS maintenance-free dehydration device: HLAS maintenance-free dehydration device can be in the humidity before entering the purification tube dehumidification, reduce the water to improve the purifier life.

Front transparent clean room: Saturated color indicator on the front panel of the instrument, you can keep abreast of the filter condition.

Replaceable purification tube filter: Removable purification tube filter, clean and clean tube Replace the filter can be a new look.

Convenient exhaust: do not have to disassemble the pipeline can quickly unloading the gas can be used for rapid purge and maintenance, for your daily use to facilitate.

Dual output air supply: two different pressure output port is reserved, which can supply gas for different applications such as gas chromatography and nitrogen generator.

Two-stage regulator: built-in pressure regulator and regulator valve, reliable two-stage regulator, the pressure fluctuation 0.003MPa.

Dual over-voltage protection: built-in pressure controller and pressure relief valve to protect the internal pressure control in the safe range, double security double security.

Back-hanging waste bottle: with a waste bottle and back, even if there is no suitable discharge of condensate can also keep the environment clean and tidy.






Air purity

dry, oil-free,   pure

Maximum gas production



output pressure

Air port 0-0.4Mpa, Nitrogen   port 0-0.5Mpa

pressure fluctuation

Air port±0.003MPa, Nitrogen   port±0.03MPa

Decontamination chamber

Visual and replaceable core

Convenient exhaust

Automatic draining

Output control pressure

Decompression valve + regulator valve

Compressor noise





Flow display, pressure display