Hydrogen generator

Product ID:AG-HLPT-300H/500H/ 1000HW/2000HW


Trace Oxygen Removal: Add self-activated long-acting trace oxygen remover to improve gas purity.

Lack of liquid protection: the instrument continuously monitors the water level, even forget to add liquid can also avoid dry burning damage to the instrument.

HLHC core cooling system: the exclusive patent pool cooling system to effectively control the electrolysis temperature, at full capacity can also be sustained and stable work.

Level LED backlight: Even in the dark space you can clearly observe the water level.

HLSW liquid barrier: a reliable gas barrier device to prevent any liquid into the gas path while reducing gas moisture.

Front transparent clean room: Saturated color indicator on the front panel of the instrument, you can keep abreast of the filter condition.

Replaceable core purification tube: Removable purification tube filter, clean and clean tube Replace the filter can be a new look.

Convenient exhaust: do not have to disassemble the pipeline to quickly unload the gas can be used for rapid purge and maintenance for your daily use to facilitate.

Two-stage pressure control: with high sensitivity photoelectric pressure controller and pressure switch, stable pressure while preventing over-voltage, double-layer protection is more secure.

Instant gas: the instrument gas production based on gas immediately, reducing gas storage capacity to eliminate security risks.




AG-   HLPT-300H

AG-   HLPT-500H



Hydrogen purity


Maximum gas production





Output pressure


Lack liquid protection

Flow display

Pressure display

Decontamination chamber

Visual and replaceable core

Liquid level backlight

Convenient exhaust

Pressure control

Photovoltage control + pressure switch