Ultrasonic hole-forming quality detector

Product ID:HW-JJC-1CS

Ultrasonic hole forming quality detector, is the company's latest market into holes, grooves quality detection instrument, is following the company JJC-1C/1D/1E series of cast-in pile hole detection system, another engineering construction field hole forming, grooves quality detection of new instrument.

The instrument can be widely used in urban construction, building construction, bridge construction, high-speed railway, sea bridge, river bridge, urban viaduct, maglev construction, highway engineering construction and other major engineering construction, to complete the borehole quality testing of bored piles and underground continuous wall grooving quality testing.

The instrument is additionally equipped with a sediment detector, and can also detect the sediment thickness at the bottom of the hole and groove.


Main technical and functional characteristics

1. The sonic probe has the function of anti-rotation and automatic orientation.

2. Standard lithium battery power supply mode, not afraid of site power supply conditions.

3. The sonic probe head lifter has a self-locking protection function, which is safe to use.

4. The sonic probe has small blind areas, high power, large detection range, and strong adaptability.

5. Using unique signal processing method, the instrument has strong anti-interference ability.

6. The instrument is intelligently tested, and the test process is completed automatically.

7. With self-calibration function, the test result is accurate and reliable.

8. Comes with WIFI protocol, GPS positioning, wireless Internet access.

9. Wide temperature design can adapt to various environmental temperature requirements.

10. The instrument is designed for both wet and dry purposes, adapting to various testing conditions in holes and tanks.

11. Record data, clear images, rich internal letters, and easy to read images.

12. The miniaturized design of the automatic winch is convenient for transportation and operation.


Main technical indicators and parameters

1. Host form: 12.1-inch touch terminal, 4-core processor, 8G memory

2. Operating system: Linux system/Windows XP/Win7/Win8

3. Ultrasonic frequency: 83kHz

4. Acoustic accuracy: 0.5%

5. Measuring range: (30011000) mm (aperture)

6. Measurement accuracy: ±0.2%FS (horizontal accuracy)

7. Measuring depth: 100/150 m (standard configuration 100m)

8. Depth resolution: 5mm, depth error 0.1%

9. Power supply mode: standard configuration: lithium battery power adapter

10. Optional: AC power adapter, or "lithium/ac" two-in-one power adapter

11. Transmitting voltage: 1000V

12. Lifting speed: the rising/falling speed is adjustable within the range of (0~20) m/min

13. Working environment: Ambient temperature (-20+80), no freezing in the hole; slurry specific gravity1.4g/cm3

14. Recording method: color image, data file, including verticality comparison curve graph

15. Output mode: ordinary (color) printer, supports fast printing, and can directly connect to the printer to print the test results on site

16. Data export: USB or wireless upload, can directly generate Word and Excel forms