Expert Microwave Digestion instrument (high throughput)

Product ID: MW-MD8H

Technical Parameters:
1. Full tank temperature and full tank pressure double measurement and control
2. Full tank pressure sensors, pressure range 0-15MPa (2250Psi). Pressure measuring accuracy ± 0.01MPa
3. Full tank infrared temperature sensor, temperature range 0-300
, monitoring accuracy 1
4. Digestion tank vertical explosion-proof design, easy accessibility, fast cooling.
Vent hole and sealing bowl double digestion tank pressure release protection. Volume 70ml, 100mL, 110ml optional, pressure 15Mpa, temperature 310
5. The standard configuration handle 1-8 samples (can be designed to 16) at the same time, inner 5 layers Teflon coating super anti-acid corrosion, guarantee for at least 5 years won't corrode
6. The inverter circuit, continuous microwave output, the maximum power of 2000W, microwave and power to match the resonant microwave cavity designed to ensure uniformity of the microwave
7. Ventilation cavity using acid erosion, big volume centrifugal fans, exhaust volume 6m3 / min

8. Special design auto-lock security sliding door can withstand accidental explosion

 Main features:
1. Adopt different from household microwave oven, with completely independent intellectual property rights of industrial furnace chamber design, can place 1-8 100 ml ultrahigh pressure digestion tank the same time
2. Japan Panasonic magnetron (5-year warranty) and professional uniform cavity (microwave resonant cavity). Industrial-grade 2000 w magnetron guarantee instrument work stably for a long time
3. Patented technology of full tank temperature and full tank pressure double measurement and control, precise control, active to prevent over-temperature and over-pressure
4. Full tank pressure sensors, real-time monitoring of each actual reaction pressure digestion tank, pressure range 0-15MPa, pressure measurement accuracy of 0.01MPa
5. Full tank infrared temperature sensors, direct measurement of the actual reaction temperature of each digestion tank, temperature range 0-300
, temperature measuring accuracy 1
A variety of materials and different volume (70 ml, 100 ml, 110 ml) can choose, digestion tank using TFM (modified PTFE), sheath is made from imported materials PEEK one-time die-casting, resistance to high temperature high pressure and acid corrosion, disassembly and assembly convenient, fast cooling, digestion tank vent hole and sealing cover double pressure release protection, can put up to 16 ultrahigh pressure digestion tank at the same time