Multi-parameter water quality tester

Multi-parameter water quality tester
Model ID: SH-300/SH-300A

The whole machine adopts the integrated mold design, the appearance of fashion; application of the latest keyboard-type operating technology, the realization of the instrument features of practical intelligence, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics; also supports colorimetric and colorimetric tube two color comparison the way.



-Accurately determine chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus (turbidity) indicators in various water bodies

-At the same time support colorimetric and colorimetric tube two colorimetric methods

-Memory 100 curves, 15 standard curves, 85 expansion curves can be freely applied under different conditions, different waste water and other conditions

-Temperature setting room temperature ~ 200 °C, the user can adjust according to need, more compatible

-The instrument can calculate the storage curve according to the standard sample

-Built-in printer, can print current data, query historical data

-USB interface, connect the computer to the host operation, automatically generate a chart (optional)

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, light source lifetime up to 100,000 hours

-Digestion power automatically adjusts with the load quantity, intelligent constant temperature control, delay protection

-Temperature and time can be adjusted and saved

-First domestic rear-mounted splitter technology to avoid external light interference and test data is more stable and reliable


Technical specifications




Measurement items

COD, ammonia   nitrogen, total phosphorus

COD, ammonia   nitrogen, total phosphorus

Display mode

button type

5-inch full   touch color screen

Measuring range

COD:   5-50mg/L
  30-6000mg/L (segment)
  Ammonia: 0.01-100mg/L (segment)
  Total phosphorus:0.001-8mg/L (segment)

Measurement accuracy


Wavelength range


Number of curves


Storage data

5 million



Batch processing capacity


Colorimetric method

cuvette, colorimetric   tube

Anti-chloride interference


Light source life

100,000 hours

Optical stability


Temperature control range

Room temperature -200°C

Digestion temperature


Digestion time

10/30 minutes

Product Size


Working power


Total weight