Portable COD detector

Portable COD detector
Model ID: SH-500

This instrument is the company's newly developed SH series detector, using colorimetric tube color comparison method, can quickly determine the COD indicators in wastewater. Supporting portable box material is hard, pressure and drop resistance, with mobile power, convenient field, on-site operation.



-English operation interface, large screen guide menu LCD display

-Colorimetric tube colorimetric method

-Portable DC battery

-Full screen page/view/modify

-3 independent timing function keys, current temperature/arrival time blinking reminder, over-temperature automatic protection

-Memory 5 standard curve pieces, 95 can be set, saved and modified manually

-Built-in printer for printing current data

-Single parameter, direct determination of COD index

-National standard samples can be used for automatic calculation of curves

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, light source life of 100,000 hours


Technical specifications

-Display mode: All English LCD

-Temperature control accuracy: 165±1°C

-Heating time: reach the set temperature within 10min

-Timing range: 1-199min

-Timing error: 10min ± 0.1s

-Temperature control range: room temperature -200 °C

-Measurement error: ≤±5%

-Measurement range: COD: 5-6000mg/L (segment)

-Wavelength range: 610nm±1nm

-Batch processing: 4/lot/10min

-Number of curves: comes with more than 100 standard curves

-Storage data: 5 million

-Anti-chloride interference: {cl-}<1200mg/l; {cl-}<4000mg/l

-Working temperature: -5~38°C

-Temperature/Timer Setting: Keyboard Setting Digital Indicates Minimum Setting 1°C/1min

-Source: DC 24V Portable Ion Battery

-Product Size: 350*280*170mm

-Total weight: 5.8KG