Dual-temperature area intelligent digestion Instrument

Dual-temperature area intelligent digestion Instrument
Model ID: 6B-24/6B-30

It has 20-year experiences of scientific research, and continuously conducts innovation and research, with mould design, domestic initiative and leading technology.



-English blue large screen liquid crystal display and it has simple operation

-It has four independent keys for timing function

-It can dispel two types of water sample with different temperature at the same time

-Preset built-in six common heat digestions and timekeeping operating line

-It has the functions of setting temperature, modifying timekeeping operating line and storing data

-It can automatically cut the protection when temperature control exceeds the limited temperature

-The shell adopts popular materials with mould type, high-temperature resistance and anti-corrosion

-Protective cover with transparency, integration, heat resistance and anti-corrosion, which can directly observe the state of digestion solution, and its digestion is safe and reliable


Technical specifications

Display mode

Display on English liquid   crystal blue screen

The sample number of digestions

12 x 2 or 24 samples per batch

15x2 or   30 samples per batch

Timing range

1 ~ 199min

Timing error


Method of digestion

totally-enclosed tube digestion

The number of heat blocks

Two blocks (dual-temperature control)

Setting range of temperature

Indoor temperature ~200

Environment temperature in use


Temperature control accuracy

165±1 / 123±1

Heating up time

Reach to setting temperature within 10 minutes

Prestored digestive program

Used for coinstantaneous digestion for COD, total   phosphorus, total nitrogen, total copper, hexavalent chromium and so on

Setting of temperature/ time

Keyboard setting/ digital representation/ minimum   setting scope 1/1 min

Working power supply

AC 220V±10% / 50Hz

Average power consumption


Product size

300x240x210 mm