Export-oriented intelligent digestion Instrument

Export-oriented intelligent digestion Instrument
Model ID: SR-3200/ SRB-300

SR-3200/ SRB-300 type is type of digest instrument which obtain national utility model patents and appearance design patent certificate, the diameter of hole is 16 mm, with simple operation; and its aperture size and depth are the same as the imported digest instrument, so it can replace imported digest instrument.



-It uses English big blue LCD screen

-It has independent 4 timing functional keys

-Preset built-in several commonly used heating and digestive processes

-Heating procedure with one-click switching makes the operation more convenient

-The humanized typeface with three colors makes the color more bright and intuitive

-The shell adopts contemporary pop appearance design, and its material can resist high resistance and corrosion

-Protective cover with transparency, integration, heat resistance and anti-corrosion, which can directly observe the state of digestion solution, and its digestion is safe and reliable

-It can automatically cut the protection when temperature control exceeds the limited temperature

-It has functions of presetting temperature/modifying and saving timing working line


Technical specifications

Display mode

English blue large screen liquid crystal display

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature ~200

Temperature control accuracy


Heating up time

Up to the setting temperature within 10 min

Timing range


Timing error

10min±0.1s / 30min±0.2s

Sample number of digestions

25 pieces/batches

30   pieces/batches

Mode of digestion

Digestion of Totally-enclosed tube

Operating environment temperature


Working power supply

AC/220V/50HZ / 460W

Product size

350x210x130 mm