COD constant temperature heater

COD constant temperature heater
Model ID: 6B-12C

6B-12C type of intelligent heater (digest instrument) is the intelligent back-flow heating device which is developed based on national standard GB11914-89 analysis method (classical analysis method).



This machine adopts new type of digital temperature control technology (PID), English LCD display technique, which can implement digital temperature and time setting conveniently; using natural cooling air instead of the original water condensation method to reduce the volume and save the water resources, so it is the new product to test the water quality chemical oxygen demand. Ministry of Environmental Protection Environment Monitoring Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center shows that the results accord with the requirement of international standard method IS006066-86.

-Electricity saving, water saving, small volume, small thermal radiation and easy to operate

-Unique technology, automatic timing, automatically cut off power supply after 2 hours

-Heating up speed is quick, and the temperature is stable and uniform


Technical specifications

Measuring range

5~1000mg/L, 1000~10000mg/L(dilution)

Measuring time

150 minutes

Temperature control accuracy


Error of temperature in holes


Heating up time

<15 minutes

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature-200

Environment temperature


Batch sample

12 samples per batch

Average power consumption

880 watt

Working power supply


Product size