Portable ammonia nitrogen tachymeter

Portable ammonia nitrogen tachymeter
Model ID: 6B-50N

This instrument’s design completely according to national standards: GB/T7479-1987; it adopts Nessler Reagent colorimetric method is adopted to implement experimental measurements.



-It has English touched keyboard and LCD back-lit LCD screen, which can directly read concentration

-Rapid turning can be realized without the tedious calibration

-It has built-in time memory system and the memory card with large capacity

-It has cold light technology with long life, which can start up the machine without preheating

-The built-in power supply, which can realize the field monitoring


Technical specifications

Measuring range

0.01 ~5mg/L

5~100 mg/L(select others)

Minimum indicating value


Indication error




Zero drift

A <0.001

Data storage

Built-in 8G storage card