Automatic Caking Index Tester

Product ID:KDNJ-2000


It is suitable for the determination of Roga index and caking index of coal used in coal, metallurgy, coking and laboratory coking. It conforms to the national standard GB / t5447-1997 determination method of caking index of bituminous coal. The instrument is another new instrument newly developed by our company. It can make three kinds of experimental results respectively: mixing, static pressure and drum. The experimental steps are fully automatic controlled. Users can carry out any kind of experiment just by lightly pressing the button.


Technical parameters
Drum Revolution: 50 ± 2R / min.

Revolution range: 250 revolutions.

Number of samples: 2.

Crucible inclination: 45 °.

Rotating speed of mixing rod: 150r / min

Crucible speed: 15R / min.

45 ° mixing time: 1 minute and 45 seconds.

45 ° to vertical time: 15 seconds

Display mode: digital display.

Power: 54W

Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

Dimensions: (length * width* height) 400 * 455 * 340mm