Abrasive Index Tester for Coal

Product ID:YX-AI


The Abrasive Index (AI) tester for coal is designed and developed according to GB/T15458-2006 "Method for Measuring Abrasive Index of Coal". It is specially designed to measure the degree of abrasiveness and tear of the lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite coal under the specified conditions when being ground, that is, the harder the coal, the greater the AI value. This is an important characteristic indicator of coal.


Technical Parameters

Blade size 38*38*11

Spindle speed 1450±30r/min

Working turnover 12000±20r

Motor power 2.2kw

Power supply voltage three-phase 380V

Weight 120kg

Third, the main supporting equipment

Jaw Crusher; EP-1

Standard vibrating screen machine: GZS-200 type

Plate balance 5kg sense 10g

Analytical balance 200g sensitivity 0.1g

Divider 9.5mm

Analytical sieve: 200*50, hole 9.5mm, 13mm

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