Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester (Ignition)

Product ID:PT-BWBS-109

The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T261 “Test Methods for Flash Point of Petroleum Products (Closed Cup Methods)”. It is suitable to determine closed cup flash point of petroleum products, which is described as the lowest temperature at which the mixture of a petroleum product sample vapor and air contacts flame and makes a flash when the sample is heated in a closed cup under the stipulated condition. And refer to ASTM D93.


Technical characteristics

1. Meet the National Standard GB/T261-2008, adopts colored LCD with touch screen controller, English man-machine conversation interface, touch screen keyboard. With a menu prompt shows pre-setting temperature, test specimen label, atmospheric pressure, date and other parameters, has prompt menu as input guide

2. It can simulate and show temperature-time curve. It has English modification prompts for software operation error. It has prompts for test date, test time, and other parameters

3. Equipped with standard RS-323, 485 computer interface, lower computer storing 120 sets of historical data, can be connected to computer for mass storage data and can be stored for a long time, transmission of data, the host computer can modify the lower computer parameters

4. Automatic correction of the influence of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculate the correction value. Differential detection, system deviation automatic correction

5. Open the lid, ignition, detection, print data is done automatically, the test arm automatically rise and fall, forced air cooling


Technical parameters:



Measuring range

Room temperature~300







Heating rate

Meet GB/T261-2008 Standards

Ignition mode

Electricity, gas

Operating environment


Relative humidity


Power supply voltage


Power frequency


Power   rate