Rotational Viscometer

Product ID:PT-NDJ-1B


  The instrument adopts advanced mechanical design technology, manufacture technique and microcomputer controlling technology. It can collect data accurately. Using white background light and ultra-bright LCD, it can show test data clearly. Equipped with a special printer interface, it can print out measurement data through a printer.

  The instrument has the characteristics of high sensitivity, reliability, convenience and good looking. It is used to determine absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and apparent viscosity of Non-Newton liquids. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of liquids such as greases, oil paints, plastics, pharmaceutics, coatings, adhesives, washing solvents, and other fluids.


II. Main technical specifications

1. Measurement range: 10 mPa•s2000000 mPa•s

2. Spindle: No.1No.4, four spindles

3. Rotation speed: 0.3 RPM, 0.6 RPM, 1.5 RPM, 3 RPM,6 RPM, 12 RPM, 30 RPM, and 60 RPM; Also, can do stepless speed regulation.

4. Measuring accuracy: ±1% (F•S)

5. Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz±10%;

6. Ambient temperature: 5 35 ;

7. Relative humidity: ≤80%;

8.Printing output: needle printer

9.Comunication port:RS232 port