Gene Ready Kits optimized for your experiments


Strong zirconia crystal beads

DNase & RNase Free self-sealing tubes

No hazard formula, such as Phenol chloroform

DNA/RNA protective reagents included


Performance of kits

Storage stability


RNA Extraction

Long fragment

Tissue DNA extraction

Bacteria DNA extraction

Plant DNA extraction

Bone DNA extraction

Low volume sample extraction



Take 100mg sample - Add to the grinding tube - Add the appropriate amount of lysis buffer - Program the parameters in the GeneReady instrument - Run - Take out the sample tubes for centrifuging to get the supernatant - Extract & purify the nucleic acids by magnetic beads - Test the concentration of the nucleic acids by UV vis spectrophotometer and agarose gel electrophoresis

Plant Tissue PIII (DNA)


Animal Tissue PII (DNA)


Microorganism Tissue Pll (DNA)



Kits name


GeneReady   Plant P I

Leaves,   stems, buds, etc.

GeneReady   Plant P II

Roots,   stems, woody plants phloem, tubers, root tips, seed germ, large fruiting   fungi, etc.

GeneReady   Plant P Ill

Special   samples such as polysaccharide polyphenols, algae, pine needles, tea,   heather, etc.

GeneReady   Tissue P I

Common   animal tissue, cell culture, etc.

GeneReady   Tissue P 11

Hair,   cartilage, skin, fresh bones, etc.

GeneReady   Tissue P Ill

Old   bone

GeneReady   Microbe P I

Common   bacteria such as gram-negative bacteria

GeneReady   Microbe P II

Yeast,   Gram-positive bacteria, microbial, etc.

GeneReady   Plant RNA

Plants,   fungi mycelium and fruiting body

GeneReady   Tissue RNA

Ordinary   animal tissues, cultured cells, blood

GeneReady   Microbe RNA

Bacteria,   microbial, etc.


For 2ml rotor only. Please contact us for the kits of 15ml/5ml rotor