Kinematic Viscometer(180℃)

Product ID:HW-SYD-265E

 The instrument is designed and made as per the national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T1841 and ASTM D2170 Standard Test Method for Viscosity of Polyolefin Resin Solution.  It is used to determine the viscosity of decahydronaphthalene solution of polythene and polypropylene at the stipulated temperature.  The instrument can also be used to determine the viscosity of asphalt at the stipulated temperature as per the industrial standard of People’s Republic of China T0619 Asphalt Kinematic Viscosity Test (Capillary Viscometer Method).


I.  Main technical features

1. Intelligent liquid crystal display temperature controller, rapid temperature control, fast response, small overshoot, and temperature control accuracy of ±0.1.

2. It adopts hard glass cylinder and heat-insulating outer cylinder (called double cylinder) with a temperature resistance of 180, which has good heat preservation performance and clear observation of samples.

3. The motor is used as a bath liquid stirring motor, and the temperature in the bathtub is even.

4. Thyristor and Philips spiral lamp, with excellent performance and durability.

5. Adopting desktop and all-in-one design, the instrument has good integrity and easy to use.

The biggest feature of this instrument is: full spray treatment, durable; double-cylinder structure, high-precision temperature controller, temperature control accuracy of ±0. 1 ; high temperature, Cannon-Fenske counterflow capillary viscometers.


II.  Main technical specifications

1.  Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz

2.  Temperature range: Ambient to 180.

3.  Temperature control accuracy: ±0. 1

4.  Bath capacity: about 23 L