Rotary Microtome

Product ID:SF-2258


Ergonomic design, greatly reducing the discomfort associated with long hours of operation;

Ideal sectioning for using either a standard blade or disposable blade;

Cassette holder can be locked at any position along each of the three axes, enabling easy adjustment of specimen slicing angle;

Right operation hand-wheel can be locked at any position, providing maximum safety and convenience;

Specimen retraction and replaceable cassette holder system;

Blade holder base can be moved forward-or-backward and left-or-right flexibly to eliminating any contact of the fingers with the blade;

Convenient N-type blade holder and E-type holder for disposable blades;

The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables easy changing of the blade;

Easy-to-clean well-sealed housing does not need to be removed for cleaning;

Large-volume waste tray is easy to remove and clean.


Major Technical Specifications:

Section Thickness Setting Range: 0 - 60μm

Section thickness setting: 0 - 60μm

0 - 2μm      increment 0.5μm

2 - 10μm       increment 1μm

10 - 20μm      increment 2μm

20 - 60μm      increment 5μm

Precision Error: ±1%

Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 0.5μm

Maximum Specimen Size: 60×50 mm

Total Horizontal Specimen Feed: 24 mm

Vertical Specimen Stroke: 52 mm

Specimen Retraction: 0 - 28 mm

Trimming Thickness: 1 - 60μm

Dimensions: 565×440×285mm (W×D×H)

Net weight: 27kg