Rotary Microtome

Product ID:SF-2508

SF-2508Manual Rotary Microtome integrates internationally advanced technology and design, and is equipped with high-precision roller guide rails to ensure high precision operation. With stable performance, comfortable and flexible operation, and minimized abrasion, this product can produce even high-quality continuous sections, comparable to that of the well-known imported brand; thus, it is an ideal device for histological and pathological use.


Technical Specifications:

  • Section Thickness Setting Range:

1 -35μm for continuous sectioning;

The sectioning thickness can be set at any value >35μm

  • Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 0 – 500μm

  • Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 1μm

  • Specimen Holder Rotation: at any angle within      360 degrees

  • Specimen Orientation: XY – 8°

  • Total Horizontal Specimen Feed: 28 mm

  • Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60 mm

  • Movement Range of the Base of Blade      Holder Base: 0-60mm (front to      back)

  • Movement Range of the Blade Press plate: 0-23mm

  • Precision Error: ±1

  • Maximum Specimen Size: 50×60 mm (optional clamp)

  • Blade holder is capable of holding both high-profile      and low-profile blades

  • Blade holder for disposable blade and blade holder      for steel blade can be quickly exchanged.

  • Dimensions: 420×330×330mm (W×D×H)

  • Net weight: 19kg