Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Product ID:CL-BA-9050

Performance Preview

Instrument Type Automated, random access, discrete biochemistry analyzer, priority for emergency

Test Speed: 400 tests/hour, up to 800 tests/ hour with ISE(Optional)

Test Mode: End point, Kinetics, Fixed time, Immunoturbidimetry Monochromatic, Bi-chromatic & Multi-standard Analysis

Linearity & Nonlinearity Calibration Single& Dual reagent can be used

Test Items: Clinical biochemistry, specific protein, ISE, drugs, drug abuse, urine/cerebrospinal fluid etc.

Sample System

Sample Tray: 115 sample position, double disk, barcode scanner available (Optional), QC/Calibration refrigerator (4-12 ), QC and calibration can be done 24 hours

Sample Volume: 1.5ul-35ul, in step of 0.1ul

Sample Probe: Bubble, block and liquid level detection function, collision protection and inner high-pressure water washing function minimum sample volume1.5μl,1.5-35μl, in step of0.1ul

Reagent System

Reagent Tray: 90 reagent positions. 70ml, 35ml and 20ml sloped-bottom reagent bottle can be installed directly

Reagent refrigeration: 24 hours' continuous refrigeration at the temperature of 4-12. Peltier refrigeration

Reagent volume: 1.5ul- 35ul in step of 0.5ul, automatically deduce reagent blank

Reagent Prob: Liquid level detection and collision protection function. inner high-pressure water washing function, record remaining reagent automatically, alarm when reagent shortage

Reagent Probe washing: Automatically cleaning both inner and outer walls with warm water Pollution rates 0.08%

Optional barcode reader available for all reagent positions

Reaction System

Reaction Disk: 120 new-style reaction cup, Light path 6mm, hard plastic cup, and ultraviolet (UV) good penetrability, acid, corrosion resistance

Reaction volume: 150ul- 300ul

Temperature: 37, with +0.1 fluctuation

Constant temperature system. Maintenance free water bath

Mixing System: 2 independent mixing probe, laster nano polishing, automatic frequency conversion technology

Washing: After the testing instrument adopts advance automatic 8 steps washing, automatically washing, vacuum absorbance, warm water washing with high pressure, which with better washing effect

2 kinds detergent: Both acidity and alkaline, vacuum suction and automatic dilution

Liquid waste processing: Grading to be high and low concentration waste liquid and dealt with separately, alarm information with high concentration waste

Optical System

Light Source: Halogen lamp, life sapn 2000h

Grating photometry, 12 wavelength 340-800nm

Detector. Integrated photodiode array

Spectroscopic method: Cluster type point source of light holographic concave grating, spectroscopic technique

QC and Calibration

Calibration: Nine calibration formula, linear (A single point, two points, and more, Logit-Log4p, Logit-Log5p

the sample curve, exponential function, polynomial, Parabola

Calibrating Period: Automatically set or set as needed

Quality control rules: Westgard Quality control rules, Cum u Lative sum check the cumulative and rules, Twin plot Three, three kinds concentration level quality control available

Quality Control Methods: Real-time quality control, in day control and daily control

Operating system

Data Management: Large capacity for results and reaction curves to be displayed saved and printed

Report: Edit and print a full multilingual Report, print contents and formats are optional and editable, Support network report printing

System interface: Network interface

Working Environment

Power: AC (110-220) +22V, 50HZ (60HZ) +1HZ

Power consumption: 900VA

Environment temperature: 15-30

Humidity. 85%

Dimension: 1146(L)X760(W)x1095(H)

Weight: 420kg