Abbe Refractometer

Product ID:AR-WAY-2S


Determination of the refractive index and concentration of transparent, translucent liquid or solid. Through the precise optical measurement methods, combined with micro-processing technology, the measured data can be directly displayed in the LCD display. It is an indispensable instrument used in the petroleum industry, oil, food industry, daily chemical, sugar industry and geological prospecting and other related enterprises, scientific research and teaching departments.



1, With the advantages of Abbe Refractometer.

2, Using the latest digital and micro-processing technology.

3, Refractive index, temperature, brix, brix after temperature correction are all displayed through the LCD screen

4, With not the error of dial scale alignment and reading, in high accuracy.

5, Operating conveniently.

6, Measurement results are output by equipped printers.

7, Can be connected to a computer, for measurement data archiving and management.


Technical Specifications:

Measurement range:               1.3000-1 .7000 (nD) / Bx (%) 0.0-95.0%

Resolution:                                 0.0001 (nD) / Bx (%) 0.0-0.1%

Accuracy:                                    ± 0.0002 (nD) / Bx (%) 0.0 ± 0.1%

Working temp.:                         5°C ~ 35°C

Temperature range:                  0°C ~ 50 °C (resolution of 0.1 )

Power voltage:                           AC220V ~ 240V / 50Hz ± 1Hz

Input power:                              30W

Fuse:                                              F/A250V   1A

Lamp:                                            6.5V, 0.3A

Size:                                              330 × 180 × 380mm

Weight:                                         10kg






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