Marshall Stability Tester

Product ID:HW-SYD-0709

This instrument is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in T 0709 "Marshall Stability Test of Asphalt Mixtures" in the industry standard JTJ 052 of the People's Republic of China "Test Regulations for Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures for Highway Engineering". It is suitable for the Marshall stability of asphalt mixtures. The degree of testing can accurately determine the damage point of the asphalt mixture for the design of the mixture ratio of the asphalt mixture or the quality inspection of the asphalt pavement construction.


I.  Main technical features

1. It adopts high-brightness large-screen color LCD touch screen and inductive panel switch, the test data is displayed clearly and the operation is convenient.

2. It is equipped with a micro printer to print the test results, and there are three different printing formats, which can be printed according to requirements.

3. With three-channel high-speed A/D conversion, the sampling accuracy is high, and the sampling data is accurate and reliable.

4. There are two loading modes, automatic and manual. In general, automatic loading is used, and manual loading can be used in special cases.

5. In an emergency, press the emergency stop switch to forcibly shut down.


II.  Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz

2. Test load: (0~50.00) KN, measurement error: ±0.05% (F.S)

3. Test displacement: 0mm~10mm, measurement error: ±0.5% (F.S)

4. Loading rate: (50±5) mm/min

5. Operating conditions: (1) Ambient temperature: 15~35; (2) Relative humidity: ≤85%