Ultrasonic humidifier

Product ID: HUM-JS-G060Z

Product Introduction:
This series of ultrasound industrial humidifiers have mobile type and wall hanging type. the machine has stainless steel tank and epoxy powder finishing. Elegant appearance, practical, easy to install. This series of ultrasound industrial humidifiers have the standard water inlet, drainage valve and over fall gap. The water inlet can automatically water refill. The water level can be automatically controlled.


There are 3 kinds of controlling way according types.

1)         Humidifier manual control mode (type without letters). Users can make one or more to work independently, but also can make combination and centralized control

2)         Humidifier digital timing controller and automatic cycle timing controller (type with letter "S"). Automatic cycle control cycle is from one minute to 99 hours. It can be set working time and stopping time arbitrarily and could work continuously without staff duties;

3)         Humidifier digital automatic humidity controller (type with letter "Z"). The humidity controlling range can be set from 1% RH to 100% RH arbitrarily. The control accuracy is ± 5% RH. at this time, equipment can be automatically set at work without staff duties.


This series of ultrasound industrial humidifiers, the output tube and fog outlet can be fixed on the place that needs to humidify according to the user’s requirement. The connecting of pipeline should be sealed. This series of ultrasound industrial humidifiers have clustered aerosol components and water protection device. The fog particle diameter is only 1-10μm; Particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air among a long time. This series of ultrasound industrial humidifiers are without mechanical drive when fogging, no noise, no pollution, high atomization efficiency, low failure rate, low energy consumption. It’s kind of efficient, reliable, practical ultrasonic humidifier.


 Industrial humidifier service conditions

Environment temperature


Water supply pressure


Environment humidity


feed water temperature


supply water quality

softened water, purified water, deionized water

ambient environment

No high-temperature secondary source, without a   strong magnetic field interference source


Technical parameters:

l   Humidifying capacity: 6 Kg/h

l   Control mode: manual control/ automatic control by humidity

l   Display: mobile humidity display

l   Power source: 220v/50Hz

l   Power: 600w

l   Dimension (cm): 68×25×64