Particle Counter

Particle Counter
Model ID: LJ150C

LJ150C Particle counter adopts the principle of Light Blockage Method (Shading Method). It is used for detecting size and number of solid particles in liquid. It can be widely used in insoluble particle detection for pure solution and ultra-pure water, particle pollution detection for chemical reagent and cleaning agents, cleanliness testing for precision parts, particle pollution degree detection for low viscosity oil and so on.



Adopts the principle of Light Blockage Method (Shading Method).

It has the advantages of rapid detection, strong anti­interference, high precision and good repeatability.

High precision sensors ensure high resolution and accuracy.

Precision syringe type of sampling system implements constant sampling speed and control sample volume accurately.

The sampling head can be lifted and downed by automatic/manual operation. The position is adjustable.

A color LCD touches screen, touch operation, it is simple and convenient.

Built-in particle pollution rating standard, such as GB/T14039, IS04406, NAS1638, GJB420A, GJB420B and so on. It could built-in standard according to user requirements.

Three calibration curves (latex ball calibration curve, ACFTD calibration curve, ISDMTD calibration curve) that can be easily switched to reduce conversion error.

The function of detecting data storage makes it easy to record, retrieve and analyze the data.

Built-in printer and print test report directly.

RS232 interface and powerful data software can realize the external computer control of the instrument and processing of test data.

The particles are evenly distributed by magnetic stirring.



Light source: Semiconductor laser

Measuring range: 0.8µm~600µm (Depends on the sensor)

Sensitivity: 0.8µm (IS04402) or 3µm (c) (GB/T18854, IS011171)

Measuring channels: 16 channels, particle size can be set arbitrarily

Sampling volume: 0.2~100ml, interval 0.1ml

Sampling volume precision: Be superior to ±0.5%

Sampling speed: 5~80mL/min

Cleaning speed: 5~80mL/min

Resolution: Be superior to 10% (GBT18854-2002, IS011171)

Coincidence error limit: 12000~40000 particles/ mL (Depends on the sensor)

Repeatability: RSD<2%

Count accuracy: ±10%

Test sample viscosity: ≤100cSt

Test sample temperature: 0°C~80°C

Work temperature: 0°C~60°C

Storage temperature: -30°C~80°C

Power supply: 100~245V,49~62Hz,

Overall dimensions: 360x360x475mm

Instrument net weight: 17kg