Portable Oil Liquid Particle Counter

Portable Oil Liquid Particle Counter
Model: PT-LPC-P2

LPC-P2 portable oil liquid particle counter is an instrument specially developed for the detection of pollution levels in oil based on GB/T 18854-2002 (ISO11171-1999) and other national and international standards. Suitable for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, rock shale oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil (turbine oil), gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil, phosphate ester oil and other oils and water-based Class conducts on-site and laboratory pollution detection. It can also be installed on various hydraulic transmission, oil filter, cleaning machine, inspection test bench and other systems to realize online inspection of system oil cleanliness. It can be widely used in aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

1. Using the photoresistance (shading) test principle specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee

2. High-precision laser sensor, wide test range, stable performance, low noise, high resolution

3. High-precision metering pump sampling method, adjustable sampling speed, high sampling volume accuracy

4. The pipeline is made of 316L and PTFE materials, which can meet the testing of various organic solvents and oils.

5. For laboratory or on-site measurement, a pressure reducing device can be built-in for online high pressure measurement

6. The external pressure chamber can be connected to form positive/negative pressure to realize the detection of high-viscosity samples and sample degassing

7. Standard sampling bottles, sampling cups and other sampling containers can be used, or directly connected to the hydraulic system to meet the testing requirements of different industries
8. Built-in multiple calibration curves, compatible with all common domestic and foreign standards for calibration

9. Built-in multiple commonly used standards such as GJB-420A, GJB-420B, NAS1638, ISO4406, SAE4059E, and OCT17216, one test can give data results under all built-in standards, support custom standard testing, and can set the location according to customer needs Need standard

10. 1000 particle size channels can be set to facilitate particle size analysis

11. Built-in data analysis system, can automatically determine the sample level according to the standard, with automatic data processing and printing functions

12. Color touch screen operation, Chinese and English dual interface, with preset, input, modification, and storage functions, convenient and quick operation

13. With RS232 interface, it can be connected to a computer or laboratory platform for data processing, and USB can also be used for data storage

14. Built-in lithium battery, can be used without external power supply

Technical parameters
1. Light source: semiconductor laser

2. Particle size range: 0.8-600um (depending on different sensors)

3. Sensitivity: 0.1um

4. Detection channel: arbitrary setting of particle size

5. Sampling volume: 0.2-1000ml, with an interval of 0.1ml

6. Sampling accuracy: better than ±1%

7. Sampling speed: 5-80mL/min

8. Cleaning speed: 5-80mL/min

9. Cleaning volume: can be set between 0ml90ml

10. Counting accuracy: error less than ±5%

11. Resolution: ≤10%
12. Repeatability: RSD

13. Limit coincidence error: 12000-40000 grains/mL

14. Offline detection of viscosity: ≤100cSt (pressure chamber can be selected when the viscosity is too large)

15. Pressure range: low pressure 0-0.6MPa, high pressure up to 42MPa (optional pressure reducing valve)

16. On-line detection interval: arbitrarily set

17. Test sample temperature: 0℃80℃

18. Working temperature: -20℃60℃

19. Storage temperature: -30℃80℃

20. Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

21. Battery capacity: 5200mAh

22. Battery running time: 6-8 hours

23. Dimensions: 310×305×135mm

24. Weight: 7.5kg (including battery)