Portable Oil Liquid Particle Counter

Portable Oil Liquid Particle Counter
Model: PT-LPC-P5

LPC-P5 portable particle counter adopts the counting principle of light resistance (shading) method designated by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee, and is specially used for rapid detection of oil pollution level on site. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast detection speed, high precision, good repeatability, etc., and can work under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. The built-in micro-water sensor and temperature sensor can detect the water content and oil temperature at the same time as the pollution detection. It is suitable for transformer oil (ie insulating oil), hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil and other oils. It can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, transportation, port, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

1. Adopting the principle of photoresistance (shading) method, using high-precision laser sensor, small size, high precision and stable performance

2. It is suitable for laboratory or on-site testing, and can also be equipped with a pressure reducing device for online high pressure measurement, real-time monitoring of particle pollution in the oil system

3. The external pressure chamber can form positive/negative pressure to realize the detection of high-viscosity samples and sample degassing

4. The built-in data analysis system can display the real data of each channel particle size and automatically determine the sample level

5. The pipeline adopts 316L and PTFE materials to meet the testing of various organic solvents and oils

6. With volume flushing and duration flushing modes, it is convenient for users to use and maintain the equipment

7. Built-in ISO4406, NAS1638, SAE4059, GJB420A, GJB420B, OCT17216, GB/T14039 and other particle pollution grade standards
Built-in calibration function, can be calibrated according to GB/T21540, ISO4402, GB/T18854 and other standards

9.Built-in data analysis system, which can automatically determine the sample level according to the standard, with automatic data processing and printing functions

10.Built-in micro water sensor and temperature sensor

11.Bilingual Chinese and English, one-key switch, with preset, input, modification, and storage functions, convenient and quick operation

12.Large storage, you can choose to store in the instrument's internal or external storage devices

13.Embedded design, high-strength shell, easy to carry, suitable for all kinds of construction machinery

Technical parameters
1. Light source: semiconductor laser

2. Offline detection speed: 5-60mL/min

3. Offline test sample viscosity: ≤100cSt (pressure chamber can be selected when the viscosity is high)

4. On-line detection pressure: 0.1-0.6Mpa (optional pressure reducing device up to 42Mpa)

5. Particle size range: 1-500μm

6. Interface: USB interface, power interface

7. Data storage: Provide 1000 sets of data storage space, and support U disk storage

8. Sensitivity: 0.8μm or 4μm (c)

9. Limit coincidence error: 40000 grains/ml

10. Counting volume: 1-999ml

11. Counting accuracy: error less than ±10%
12. Protection level: IP67

13. Test time interval: 1 second-24 hours

14. Test sample temperature: 0-80℃

15. Reference value of water activity: 0-1aw (±0.05aw)

16. Water content: 0-360ppm (±10%)

17. Working temperature: -20-60℃

18. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz or DC12-40V

19. Weight: 2.5kg

20. Volume: 275×220×107mm