Kjeldahl Digestion system

Kjeldahl Digestion system
Model: PT-SH220F

PT-SH220F Graphite Digester includes globally advanced technology, features quick digestion, high efficiency and easy for use, etc., is widely used in such fields as food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical engineering, biochemistry, as well as universities, research departments and so on, for sample digestion prior to the chemical analysis of soil, feed, plants, seeds, minerals etc., suitable for matching K9840 analyzer.


20 positions, enhance working efficiency rapidly.

It adopt advanced insulation technology, eco-friendly, reduce energy intensity maximum limitedly.

Corrosion-resistant design.

It adopt advanced PID temperature control technology, high accuracy heating up to 400 only cost 25minutes.

Multi-protection, Over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.

LCD display.

Its used with microwave reaction system, pretreat for microwave digestion or removing acid after digestion.

Linear and curve temperature rise mode, up to 5 stages temperature setting.


1.Anti-corrosion design: TEFLON coating on the surface, acid/alkali proof.

2.Heating uniform and fast: Adopt graphite block(antioxidant), heating faster and energy transfer faster, temperature between holes more uniform.

3.Safety protection: adopt unique air duct insulation tech, keep the temperature ultra low, protect operator

Technical parameters

Temperature   range

Room temperature +5 - 450

Temperature   accuracy


Heating   method

Infrared heating and high-purity   graphite conduction

Heating   insulation method

Ceramic fiber and unique air   duct insulation technology

Digestion   tube capacity


Capacity   per batch


Power   supply

220 VAC±10% 50HZ





Net   weight