Residual chlorine analyzer

Residual chlorine analyzer
Model ID: 6B-50YL

This instrument is mainly used to determine residual chlorine indicators in various types of wastewater, using the principle of photometric colorimetry, rapid measurement, accurate data, widely used in universities, research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, petrochemical, paper, Pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, textile, leather, brewing, dairy, electronics, municipal engineering and other industries.



-English operation interface, 12864 monochrome liquid crystal display

-The result is direct reading, which can save the query history data and print the current data. (Optional)

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, light source life of 100,000 hours


Technical specifications

-Measurement range: 0-1.5mg/L

-Accuracy: ≤±10%

-Repeatability: ≤±5%

-Measurement time: 1 minute

-Number of curves: 5

-Data Storage: 5 Million Units