Digital smelting point instrument

Digital smelting point instrument
Order No: AP-WRS-1B(1A)


To confirm the purity by determine the melting point of crystalloid. It is mainly used in determination of melting point of crystal organic compounds, such as medicine, dye, spice, etc. Photoelectric detection, digit keyboard input, large screen backlight liquid crystal display, screen displays melting curve directly, with RS232 interface.


Main technical parameter:

Melting point measurement range: indoor temperature -320°C

Temperature display minimum indicating value: 0.1°C

Linear heating rate: 0.2°C/min, 0.5°C/min, 1°C/min,1.5°C/min

2°C/min, 3°C/min,4°C/min,5°C/min

Measurement accuracy:200°C: ±0.5°C, ≥200°C: ±0.8°C

Instrument weight: 9.6Kg

Instrument dimension: 400*280*230mm