Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic Polarimeter
Order No: AP-SGWZZ-1


With LED and interference filter, the average lifetime of light source is more than 20,000 hours, instrument

start up without preheating. could test optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar degree, could automatically test 6 times repeatedly ,and calculate average value and mean square root. Sample cell adopt temperature insulation design, reducing the influence of warming to sample test, has the function of temperature display, convenient to customers, could test dark sample.


Main technical parameter:

Measurement mode: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar content

Light source/ LED luminous diode+ interference filter 

Operating wavelength: 589nm( sodium D spectrum)

Measurement range: -45°~+45°  -120°Z~+120°Z (sugar content)

Minimum measuring range: 0.001°

Degree of accuracy: ±(0.005°+ measured value ×0.03%); ±(0.015°Z+ measured value ×0.03%)

Repeatability (standard deviation):≤0.002°: ≤0.006°Z

Measurable sample min transmitting filters: 1%

With USB interface

Instrument grade: 0.02 class

Weight: 28kg

Instrument dimension: 700mm×350mm×270mm