Universal tensile tester

Product ID: PT101SA

PT101SA Tensile Strength Tester is a new type of intelligent test instrument with high precision, designed adopting modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology.

Main Features:
large blue screen ,LCD display data、result、curve;
professional soft support,test  process is controlled by single-chip microcomputer, automatic ;
Each function independently,standard measure of quantity , without manual conversion;
carry on the statistical analysis of group sample calculations,average、max、min;
menu interface,choose a convenient test,easy to learn、easy to understand 、easy operation;
Parameters of power lost memory, a strength function of overload protection;
test results of output can be arbitrarily set:max value、elongation、max tensile strength、Concentration stretched、Elongation strength、shear strength 、elasticity modulus;
Rate power overload automatic protection function,Thin-film touch buttons,long operation life ;
the test item include: tensile 、compression、peeling ; also test tensile、compression、bend、shear test(metal)

Product application
the instrument applies to high -strength materials test,for example nylon、metal steel etc. technical standard  The tester conforms to the national standards of GB228-2002、GB/T16826-1997、GB528、GB532.
Product parameter


Product configuration
mainframeoperational  manualpower line