Semi-automatic Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Product ID:PT-SYD-0165B


This instrument is designed and made as per industrial standard SH/T 0165-92 Standard Test Method for Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products with High Boiling Point Range by Vacuum Process. It is suitable to determine the distillation characteristics of wax oil, lubricating oils and other petroleum products with high boiling point range.


I. Main technical features

1. It adopts single-chip machine technology to control the vacuum pressure automatically.

2. It adopts high accuracy temperature sensor to detect the steam temperature automatically. No need to observe it by naked eye.

3. It adopts LCD technology, can input, modify and show parameters and control them by touch screen.

4. It equips a micro-printer to save and print test results.


II. Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz.

2. Heating furnace of distillation flask:  (01300)W, adjustable

3. Heating power of receiver: 350W, automatically controlled.

4. Temperature control point of receiver:  Ambient to 99±3, adjustable.

5. Setting range of vacuum residual pressure:  (299) mmHg±0.1mmHg.

6. Measurement range of vacuum residual pressure:

(2150) mmHg±0.1mmHg, automatic pressure maintenance

7. Volume of buffer vessel: 1000ml

8. Illumination light in the air bath: Energy saving lamp

9. Working condition:  Ambient temp.:(535)    RH:< 85

10. Dimension:  600mm×230mm×605mm






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