High-frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer

Product ID:EA-CS-8810C

Main technical parameters:

l   Measurement range:

ü   carbon: 0.0001% -10.0000% (can be expanded to 99.9999%)

ü   Sulfur: 0.0001% -3.5000% (can be expanded to 99.9999%)

l   Analysis error: in line with GB/T20123-2006/ISO15350: 2000 standard

l   Analysis time :25-60 seconds adjustable (usually 35 seconds or so)

l   High-frequency furnace: power ≥ 2.5kVA; frequency: 18MHz

l   Electronic Balance: non-quantitative sample weighing;

l   Reading accuracy: 0.0001g

l   Working environment: room temperature :10-30 ;

l   Relative humidity: less than 90%

l   Power supply: requires a good grounding connection

l   voltage: AC220V ± 5%; frequency: 50Hz ± 2%

l   Oxygen: purity ≥ 99.5%, input pressure: 0.18MPa ± 5%


Configurations and their description:



Infrared Carbon & Sulfur   Analyzer

Circuit: dual-CPU design,   highly integrated electronic circuit, stable and reliable; adopting   multi-level shielded isolation circuit for optical fiber transmission to   avoid high-frequency interference. 
  Power supply: Industrial integrated linear power module with stable output   and no malfunction.
  Light source: new and specially-made platinum infrared light source, with   continuous heating and high-efficiency of spectral characteristics. 
  Analysis cell: gold-plated carbon and sulfur analysis cell and high-precision   pyroelectric infrared detector and high-performance amplifying circuit to   ensure detecting sensitivity and stability.

High-frequency Furnace

High-frequency circuit:   high-power high-frequency circuit and ceramic vacuum capacitor that can burn   without samples to reduce the load on high-frequency combustion system and   extend its service life. 
  Controlling circuit: automatically-detect electromagnetic valve, lift   cylinder, and high -frequency condition. 
  Safety system: automatically trigger alarm of exceeding time and over-current   and ensure high-frequency furnace work normally
  Gas circuit structure: imported gas circuit system (electromagnetic valve,   pipe fitting, lift cylinder), automatic leak detection. 
  Dedusting system: automatic cleaning device and patented ash removal system,   internal pressure seal for dedusting with good sealing and easy   replacement 
  Furnace structure: low-pressure heating, constant-temperature, to improve the   conversion rate of sulfur and ensure the stability of sulfur analysis result.


Analysis channel: channel   management, carbon and sulfur channels are free to add, delete and edit,   without quantitative restrictions. 
  Sample management: sample name and logo can be edited, and users are free to   add or delete sample name;
  Display: each curve frame for carbon and sulfur to dynamically display   real-time data and carbon, sulfur release curves during the analysis process
  Data processing functions: using ACCESS database to save the analysis   results, all the analysis data and curves can be saved. 
  Inquiry function: users can get access to analysis results based on time,   operator, sample name or logos; 
  Software function: curve/data storage, empty net, parameter setting, channel   selection, statistics, result correction and curve comparison, etc. 
  Printing: various printing modes, laboratory and testing station, and can   freely set printing formats.
  Self-diagnosis function: system diagnosis, furnace detection and gas room   sealing check 

Computer and printer

Computer: Brand commercial   computer (standard configuration, can be accustomed by users) 
  Printer: Laser Printer (A4) (standard configuration, can be accustomed by   users) 

Electronic Balance

Users can choose electronic   balance of different brands and parameters. Data interface is general for all   kinds of electronic balances.



Item Name




Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer




High-frequency   induction furnace




Analyzer Balance

Sartorius 0.0001g



Controlled Computer

Dual-core processor / 120G hard   drive processor / internal / 19 inch LCD Monitor