Rotary Microtome

Product ID:SF-202A

SF-202A Rotary Microtome is a new 202 series possessing multiple features, such asa neat streamlined-shape housing, a hand-wheel that can be locked at the highest position, safe change specimen cassette, and LCD display and safety alert system. This well-made and cost-competitive product can provide evenly sliced sections reliably and safely.


Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Easy-to-clean housing

  • Blade holder can be moved forward-or-backward and      left-or-right resulting in easy trimming and sectioning operations

  • LCD screen shows the number of sections and trims; equipped      with a safety alert system

  • Section thickness range:

0 - 25μm for continuous sectioning;

The sectioning thickness can be set at any value 25μm

  • Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 0 – 500μm

  • Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 1μm

  • Specimen Orientation: XY – 8°

  • Total Horizontal Specimen Feed: 30 mm

  • Vertical Specimen Stroke: 55 mm

  • Movement Range of the Base of Blade      Holder Base: 0-50mm (front to      back)

  • Movement Range of the Knife: 0-20mm

  • Maximum Specimen Size:50×60mm (optional clamp)

  • Precision Error: ±5

  • Dimensions: 340×335×270mm (W×D×H)

  • Net weight: 19kg