Fully Automated Tissue Stainer (Fully Automated, Wide Colored Intelligent Touch screen)

Product ID:SF-RS2


§  Imported high-quality parts, smooth operation, low noise, ergonomic design

§  Fully intelligent design, enabling timely determination and automatic recovery in an abnormal event

§  Wide LCD touch screen and convenient human-machine interface provides user clear and sufficient information about working status (online help)

§  Processing duration is automatically calculated and displayed on the screen, allowing user to develop a more efficient work plan

§  4 sets of editable programs in each of Chinese and English can be stored in the system and can be queried online

§  Intelligent automatic water influx/efflux/ pressure-control system and water drainage system ensures sufficient washing performance at each step and improves water efficiency

§  36 processing and staining protocols can be programmed and stored in the system, includes an operation error alert function

§  Green inner-cycling air purification system to efficiently adsorb and remove poisonous gas

§  Real-time visual simulation with icons displays working status dynamically, clearly and intuitively


Technical Specifications:

§  Number of Cups: 18 (Station 10 is for washing and Station 1 is for drying)

§  Number of slides processed at the same time: 52 slides

§  Length of Processing Time in the Cup:

o    Adjustable within 0 - 59 minutes and within 0 -59 seconds

§  Dripping Time: Adjustable within 0-30 s (shakes above cup)

§  Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz

§  Power: 500 W

§  Dimensions: 1175×460×470 mm (W×D×H)

§  Weight: 71kg