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ColorReader CR-CR5 (Industrial Pro Version) is the creative work of Lab-kits's core technical elites and joint well-known designers. It embodies the technical strength completed in a short time, the professionalism of high-intensity testing, and the traditional bloodline of innovation and excellence.

ColorReader CR-CR5 (Industrial Pro Version) is an innovative tool for color measurement, reading, color card retrieval and color difference evaluation. It integrates powerful color recognition capabilities in a safe and portable body, and seamlessly connects with mobile phone devices through Bluetooth, which makes the traditional color measuring instrument glow with different application charm.


CR-CR5 An User Friendly ColorReader

The instrument itself has a data review function

Automatic calibration at startup, no need for tedious instrument calibration; combination of professionalism and meticulousness, equipped with manual calibration function of black and white board. It is recommended that users do simple professional calibration by themselves from time to time to ensure that the instrument always works in a state where it can pass the metrology.

The mini whiteboard is inserted into the instrument bag, and the whiteboard is separated from the instrument, which ensures the weather resistance, dirt resistance and wipeability of the whiteboard, and guarantees the standard baseline function of the whiteboard for a long time.

Equipped with a tightly buckled dust-proof cover with a delicate touch and an environmentally friendly packaging cloth bag that can be easily carried by hand. Close the cover and power turns off. Easy to carry aroud, you can put it in your car, your bags, or just carry it. It's really conspicuous, safe and reliable.

Long battery life, convenient USB port charging and power bank charging. It can measure thousands of times in the screen state of high brightness, and it can measure tens of thousands of times when the screen is turned off.

The large screen of the instrument and the mobile phone software display have the simulation function of true color


Convenient Color Difference Measurement

It can measure the color parameters of objects, such as L*a*b, L*C*H, RGB, Hex, etc. under D65 and other light sources

ΔEab, ΔE00 color difference display, flexible setting of tolerance range prompt


Mobile Color Card Database

You can use ColorReader to build a personal color database in the cloud

There is no need to carry heavy color cards, you can use ColorReader to find similar colors in various color card databases anytime and anywhere


Function of Searching Popular Color

Connect the mobile phone APP, measure the color, and search in the color card database

Automatically match the latest popular colors (Besides traditional color cards, ColorReader will release and recommend fashionable international colors from time to time)

ColorReader has only a slight difference between each instrument in the same series of products. The APP will automatically identify the instrument model and share the color database to ensure the good ecology of the instrument.


Optical Geometry

8/D (8°illumination diffuse acceptance) SCI   Comply with standard CIE No.15 GB/T 3978


Used for color difference quality control in   plastic electronics paint and coating textile and garment printing and dyeing   ceramics and other industries.
  Find the color card through the mobile APP

Integrating Sphere Size


Light Source Device

360nm-780nm Combined LED Lamp

Spectroscopic Method



CMOS Sensor

Spectral Range

400~700 nm

Measurement Aperture


Light-included Mode


Color Spaces

CIE LAB XYZ Yxy LCh CIE LUV s-RGB HunterLab βxy   DIN Lab99
  (Part of them are only implemented in APP)

Color difference formulas

ΔE*ab ΔE*uv ΔE*94 ΔE*cmc(2:1) ΔE*cmc(1:1) ΔE*00   DINΔE99 ΔE(Hunter) (Part of them are only implemented in APP)

Other Colorimetric Data

WI (ASTM E313, CIE/ISOAATCCHunter) YI (ASTM D1925,   ASTM 313) Mt (metamerism Index) Staining Fastness Color Fastness Color   Strength Opacity 555 Index Munsell(C/2) Spectro Curve (Part of them are   only implemented in APP)

Division Value





D65 A C D50 D55 D75 F1 F2(CWF) F3 F4 F5 F6   F7(DLF) F8 F9  F10(TPL5) F11(TL84) F12(TL83/U30) (Part of them are only   implemented in APP)

Displayed Data

Chromaticity Values Color Difference Values   Pass/Fail Result Color Simulation Color Offset

Measurement Time

About 1.2s


Chromaticity value: within ΔE*ab 0.1 (After   calibration measure the average value of the whiteboard 30 times at 5s   intervals)


Pass the national metrology

Measurement Method

Single measurement average measurement (2~99   times)

Locate Mode

Light Spot Positioning




About 500g

Battery Performance

Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V @ 3200mAh

Life Lamp

More than 1.6 million measurements in 5 years


TFT true color 2.8inch@ (16:9)


USB (charge only); Bluetooth 5.0 Button

Data storage

1000pcs standard samples 10000pcs samples storage   can be extended through mobile APP

Data viewing

APP supports massive search;
  Device supports 50 latest standard samples and 50 samples data   viewing



Operating Environment

Temperature: 0~40°C; Humidity: 0~85% (No   Condensation) Altitude: less than 2000m

Storage Environment

-20~50 0~85%RH (no condensation)

Standard Accessories

Power adapter manual MOBCCS APP software   (download from official website Android platform) USB cable whiteboard   box wrist strap Φ4mm flat aperture

Optional Accessories

USB Micro Printer Powder test box


Technical parameters are for reference only   subject to actual product


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