Full Automatically Infrared Oil in Water Analyzer

Product ID: OT- EP3000R


OT- EP3000R type fully automatic oil analyzer is fully automatically infrared oil analyzer ,which is specially designed for water samples of high concentration, mainly used in the pollution sources, the measurement of oil content in industrial wastewater, suitable for petroleum and petrochemical steel company, sewage treatment plant, the monitoring of pollution source water samples


OT- EP3000R fully automatically infrared oil analyzer, without contacting with carbon tetrachloride, automatic filling, automatic extraction, automatic water and impurity removal, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic liquid discharge and store data.


Conform to national standard“HJ637-2012 water quality the determination of petroleum and animal and plant oil Infrared photometric method”


OT-EP3000R fully automatically infrared oil analyzer needn’t contact with carbon tetrachloride. OT-EP3000R is composed of fully automatically operating software, infrared spectroscopic system, closed extraction system. Using extraction solvent (CCl4) in a certain proportion, extract oils in the water with the method of magnetism side stereo stir technology, then after removing water and impurity lead the extracted solution to cuvette by filter unit. Next infrared spectroscopic system measure and analyze. If installed with specialized magnesium silicate filter device, it could measure the content of petroleum and animal and plant oil. At last discharge waste and clean pipeline.


The equipment is mainly used in the measurement of oil content in the surface water, groundwater, industry waste water. It is applicable to oil detection in water in water supply company, hydrological stations, petroleum and petrochemical, steel smelting, environmental monitoring station, urban drainage units, etc.


Main instrument characteristics:

1. Full automation: Full automation, automatic sampling , extraction, dewater and filter, measurement, drainage, cleaning.

2. Healthy and safety: closed extraction system don’t need the operator to participate in the process, not contacting with carbon tetrachloride.

3. The extracting method is accord with national standard HJ637-2012, the extraction result is consistent with GB Code Method.

4. Adopt imported filter device, instead of the function of anhydrous sodium sulfate, effectively removing  water and impurity;

5. Magnesium silicate adsorption device: realizing the automatic separation of mineral oil and the plants and animals, do not need adsorb and separate by manually;

6. The extraction system adopts completely anticorrosive and non-oleophylic material, run cleaning process, max reducing the cross contamination.

7. Spare parts quality assurance: adopt imported solenoid valve , peristaltic pump, air pump accessories ,

to ensure that the instruments are durable, effectively reducing the failure rate;

8. Manual and automatic switching, quick operation, easy to use.


Technical index:

Detection limit

0.02mg/L (calculate 3 times standard deviation measuring   11 times blank)

Minimum detectable concentration

0.001mg/L (enrichment extraction method)

Maximum measured concentration

10000mg/L (dilution gaging)

Instrument measurement range



RSD1% (10-100mg/L Oil sample determined   11 times)

Measurement accuracy error

<±2 %

Related coefficient


sampling volume


single sample testing time


Main machine net weight


Main machine external dimension




Application units

National standard

The determination of environmental monitoring station,   sewage and industrial wastewater

GB8978—1996 integrated wastewater discharge standard

Urban water supply company or running-water company

GB3838—2002 surface water quality standard

Petrochemical industries

GB3551—83 petroleum refining industrial water contaminant   emission standard

hydrological environment monitoring station

GB3838—2002 surface water environmental quality standards

Railway environment monitoring station

GB5469—85 wagon Washing wastewater emission standard

thermal power plant environmental monitor station

GB8978—1996 integrated wastewater emission standard and   other standard

smelting industry waste water monitoring

GB13456—92 steel industrial water  contaminant emission standard

marine fishery water quality monitoring

GB3097 Sea water quality standard and GB11607 water   quality standard of fishery

Municipal drainage station or sewage

treatment plant

GB18918—2002 municipal sewage treatment plant contaminant   emission standard

Agricultural products quality supervision and inspection   center and Agricultural forestry environment monitoring station

GB4284—84 agricultural sludge pollution control standards