Inverted biological microscope

Product ID: BM-37XE

Product Description:
Inverted microscope with large vision eyepiece, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and special long working distance condenser, and with a phase contrast device, can observe transparent live without staining in the Petri dishes and culture flasks. Inverted biological microscope particularly applies to microscopic studies of living cells, tissues, fluids and sediments, for scientific research, universities, health care, disease prevention, animal husbandry and other departments.

1.The equipped large vision eyepieces and long distance plan achromatic objectives have large and clear field of view.
2.The equipped phase contrast devices, including special long distance condenser, phase contrast objective, center telescope.
3. Coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism, adjustable elasticity , with lock and stopper, and forcus intervals: 2μm
4.6V30W halogen lighting with adjustable brightness.

Technical parameters:


Large vision WF10X (Φ20mm)


Long distance plan achromatic objectives PL L 25X/0.25

Long distance plan achromatic objectives PL L 25X/0.40

Long distance plan achromatic objectives PL L   25X/0.60

Long distance plan achromatic phase contrast objectives   PL L 10X/0.25 PHP2

Eyepiece tube

three eyepiece tube (tilt 30 ˚, 100% pass-ray)

Focusing mechanism

Coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism, adjustable   elasticity , with lock and stopper, and forcus intervals: 2μm


four-hole (ball in position)

Loading platform

Mechanical double-deck mobile type (Size: 224mmX208mm, moving range: 112mmX79mm)

Specimen folder

culture vessels of Φ68mm or 77mmX29mm can be placed

culture vessel of 82mmX57mm can be placed

96 holes culture vessel of 128mmX85mm can be placed


Blue filter

Green filter

Frosted glass

Tension plate phase contrast devices

Centering telescope

10X tension plate phase contrast annular plate

Lift adjustable Condenser, NA .= 0.4, working distance:50mm

Light source

6V 30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable

Complete set of instruments:

1, microscope subject : 1 set
  2, binocular eyepiece tube: 1
  3,10 X eyepiece: one pair  
  4.10X, 25X, 40X Long working distance plan achromatic objectives: each one in   every type
  5. 10X long working distance plan phase contrast objective: 1
  6, filter : each piece in blue, yellow, green
  7, condenser: 1 set
  8. center telesope:1
  9. bulb 6V20W: 2 
  10.fuse :1 
  12.Qualified certificate, warranty card: 1

Optinal accessories

1. Eyepiece: large Vision WF16X (Φ11mm)
  Partition 10X (Φ20mm),   intervals 0.1mm /   grid
  2. Converter: Five holes (inside ball positioning)
  3. Condenser: long working distance, with a filter seat, working distance: 70mm
  4. Tension plate phase contrast devices: 
  long-distance plan achromatic phase contrast objective PL L 25X/0.40 PHP2
     long distance flat-field achromatic phase contrast objective PL   L 40X/0.60 PHP2
  5. Tension plate phase-contrast annular plate: 25X/40X
  6. Appropriate eyeglasses, cameras, frame grabbers, digital cameras, image   analysis software