Fully Automated Tissue Processor (Dual-basket; wide intelligent colored touch screen)

Product ID:SF-TS3S


§  Flexible transmission system, low noise, wear-resistant

§  Imported high-quality parts, high-precision positioning system smooth operation, ergonomic design

§  Two sets of operation mechanisms doubles the processing capacity. Tissue specimens can be separately placed into different baskets according to size, texture, and origin, thus improving processing performance

o    Optional single-mechanism mode for processing a smaller number of tissue specimens to ease the operation

§  20 editable programs for each of A and B can be stored in the system

§  Integrated high-quality LCD screen with intuitive bilingual (Chinese/English) software offers clear display and simple operation; window-scrolling/flipping human-machine conversation interface provides clear instructions for each step (online help)

§  Fully intelligent design, enabling timely determination and automatic recovery from an abnormal event

§  Real-time visual simulation with icons displays working status dynamically, clearly and intuitively

§  Green inner-cycling air purification system to highly efficiently adsorb and remove poisonous gas; well-sealed gas-effluxion mechanism to effectively improve the operational environment

§  This system can be automatically started at any time as programmed (Setting Range 0-99 hours and 0-59 minutes)

  • Processing duration is automatically calculated and      displayed on the screen, allowing the user to make a more efficient work      plan

§  Automated fan control: Stays ‘on’ all the time when the specimens are not submerged in cup and 10 seconds every minute when the specimens are submerged in cup and in processing

§  Automated light control:

o    stays ‘on’ all the time during programming;

o    stays ‘off’ during the automatic operation and can be automatically turned ‘on’ anytime by touching the screen or any key and stays ‘on’ for 2 minutes.

§  Internal dry heating mechanism and triple protection channels offer high-precision automatic gradient temperature control

  • Automatically determines the time of heating, thus      increasing energy efficiency.

§  Low-energy-consuming control circuit with power protection function

  • When power outage occurs, the screen displays as      normal with a scrolling bar demonstrating the ‘on’ status of the power      protection system.

  • Battery backup with more than 30 hours of running      power

§  Power Protection Station: Station 7 for A basket and Station 5 for B basket, ensuring continued operation during a power outage.

§  Manual operation can be conducted anytime during the programmed automatic operation, allowing user to check or add tissue specimens during the operation

§  200 or more specimens can be processed at the same time


Technical Specifications

§  Number of Cups: 14(10 for reagents, and the cups at the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14thstations are used for paraffin melting);

§  Number of baskets:2

§  Capacity of Each Cup: 1500ml

§  Temperature range: RT - 800C

§  Temperature Control Precision: ±10C

§  Length of Processing Time in the Cup

o    Any length between 0 and 99 hours for the 1st and 2nd cup

o    Any length between 0 and 24 hours for the 3nd to 14th cup

§  Dripping Time: Adjustable within 10s - 60s; shake/drip above cup

§  Frequency of Agitation: Adjustable within 0 - 6 times/minute

§  Working Voltage: AC220V±10%50HZ (standard model); AC110V±10% 60HZ

§  Power Requirements: 550W

§  Dimensions: 1250×440×495 mm (W×D×H)

§  Weight: 92kg