Product ID: CR-CR1


ColorReader CR1 is developed by Lab-kits adopting advanced color sensor and rich performances APP with special multi-functional "Smart Button" and professionalized non-contact auto white board calibration incorporating micro colorimeter and cellphone colorreader two in one.


It can be widely applied in different industries, such as plastics, electronics, paint and ink, printing, garments, leather, paper, auto, medical, cosmetics, food for color difference management. ColorReader CR1 is small and portable, which can identify and search color cards via smartphone APP. Users can use it to capture color inspiration anytime and anywhere.



1.Instant and Precise Color Measurement

Repeatability less than 0.1, display accuracy 0.1, one light press can bring you precise color measurement.

 2.Non-contact Auto Calibration

The use of professional non-contact automatic black and white board calibration technology to avoid direct transmission of dirt during the measurement process to the whiteboard, completely solves the problem of separation between the whiteboard and the dust cover required internationally, and ensures the zero position of the whiteboard "this starting line" The long-term accuracy of "makes you more at ease and worry-free when using it."

 3.Multifunctional "Smart Buttons"

The built-in "smart button" of the instrument can independently complete the measurement function setting or test data review. It does not need to connect a mobile phone and a computer. A single machine can realize all the functions of the color difference meter; and at the same time, it can be connected to the mobile phone APP or computer software, taking into account the various functions of the color difference measurement and color management.

 4.Professional integrating sphere dual optical path design

Professional advanced integrating sphere coating, dual optical path sensor and full-spectrum light source ensure the stability and accuracy of the measurement results.

 5.Lightweight and Portable

Easily put it in your pocket, carry it with you, worry-free measurement.

 6.Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Type-c interface, can do tests continuously for 12,000 times in a single full charge.

 7.Higher Quality

Using industrial-grade real-time processing MCU, Bluetooth interface 5.0 transmission is more stable and reliable.

 8.Diversified Data Display Modes

The ColorReader CR1 with APP can directly display the sample color value, color difference value, pass/fail result, color simulation, color deviation, reflectance and other data, which is convenient for viewing and greatly improves the user's work efficiency.

9.Massive Color Card Database with You

APP synchronizes mass storage, which can quickly check color data, analyze and compare.

Use the App to build your private color database in the cloud, without having to carry heavy color cards, you can use CR3 to find the closest color among multiple color cards anytime and anywhere. ColorReader CR1 Technical Specs.



D/8(Diffuse illuminance, 8°reception, SCI),   Conforms to standards CIE No.15,GB/T 3978.


Used for color difference quality control in   plastic electronics, paint and coating, textile and garment printing and   dyeing, ceramics and other industries;
  Small size, easy to carry, search for the color cards through smartphone APP

Integrating sphere size



Full spectrum LED light source

Spectro device

Filter spectro


CMOS Dual light path sensor

Wavelength Range


Measuring Aperture




Color Spaces


Color Difference Formula


Other Color Index


Display Accuracy


Observer Angle


Light source



Sample chromaticity value, color difference   value, pass/fail result, color simulation, color deviation, reflectance   (partly through mobile APP)

Measuring Time



ColorΔE*ab within 0.1(After warm-up calibration, the   average value of measuring the whiteboard 30 times at an interval of 5s)

Metrology requirements


Measurement Mode

Single measurement, Average measurement(2~99times)   (Implemented through smartphone App)






Lithium battery, can do tests continuously for   12000 times in a single full charge

Light source lifespan

5years more than 3 million times measurements

Display screen

IPS full color screen, 1.14 inch


Type C USB (just for recharge); Bluetooth 5.0

Data storage

Mass storage can be expanded through mobile APP

Data review

The instrument has no measurement data review   function

White calibration

Non-contact automatic calibration


Instrument can set parameters



Working Temperature range

0~40,0~85%RH(No condensation),Altitudelower than 2000m

Storage Temperature Range

 -20~50,0~85%RH(No condensation)

Standard Accessories

Data cable, manual, calibration box, SQCX PC   Color quality management software, MOBCCS APP (download from official website)

Optional Accessories

USB mini printer, powder test box


Technical parameters are for reference only,   subject to actual instruments.