Fully Automatic Enclosed Tissue Processor

Product ID:SF-TSQ1

l  Operator Interface of 15 inch color LCD touch screen

l  Enclosed Tissue treatment system with no pollution of gas leakage, to meet requirement of environmental protection.

l  Mode of Sample processing: Sample not move, Reagent move.

l  It can avoid the risk of power failure of machine, or other mechanical failure.

l  Timing Mode: Finishing time of tissue processing any day in the week can be set

l  Function of Protection System of Power Failure. Once main power restored, the previous protocols is automatically resumed and continue to work in order.

l  10 Set of Programmers stored in the system and can be set for purpose.

l  Special design of Reagent Station makes the liquid totally back-flow to avoid any mixture and to extend using time of reagent.

l  Patented design of cassette holder makes reagent and samples thoroughly contact with each other, it improves effection of tissue processing and reduce working time.

l  Dual Purpose of processing: one key switch normal processing motion and Rapid processing motion

l  Rapid Processing motion stirred in day time finished in 3 hours, Normal Processing Motion stirred in the evening.

l  Device for Air pressure transfer: Formal air pressure transfer of several solenoid valves replaced by one single mechanical structure replace formal in order to avoid high fault error.

l  Function for changing wax automatically:

l  Wax in No.1 Container wash into waste container, then, wax in NO.2 container goes into No.1 Container, then, No.3 goes into No.2, and so on

l  Function of over temperature protection occurred by accidental heating

l  Function for magnetic stirring which shorten time of tissue processing and make good processing effection.

l  Alarm and Screen display when finishing work.

l  Capacity of tissue processing: 400pcs cassette at most.


Technical Specifications:

Numbers of Reagent Station:  12

Tissue Processing Station:  NO.1 to No.9 Station

Washing Station:  No.14 to No.16 Station

Numbers of Wax Tank:  3(No.10,12 and 13)

Numbers of Working Station:  1

Capacity of Processing Station:  9Liters

Capacity of Reagent Station: 6L

Temperature of Processing Station:

Medium is the solvent:  ≤45

Medium is the Wax:  58-70

Operation pressure: 0.1Mpa

Wax temperature: 58-70

Wax melt time not more than 3 hours

Power input: 1500VA+10%

Time for immerse:  0 - 99 hours 59 minutes

Working Voltage: 220VAC±10%,50/60HZ

Time for Inflow Liquid:  no more than 5Min

Time for Exclude Liquid:  no more than 5Min

Stirring time:   set randomly

Interval time for Stirring:  set randomly

Operation mode: manual and automatic

Overall Dimension: 650×650×1350mm(W×D×H)

Net Weight: 145kg